Beef + Chicken (Prime)

Regular price$169.00

Between 9-11 lbs of Texas raised,  grass-fed & finished beef and pasture raised chicken.

  • 🥩 ~2-4 lbs of steaks (rib eye, ny strip, chuck eye, top sirloin, bavette) and/or roasts (chuck, arm, stew meat, osso bucco, short ribs)
  • 🐄 3 pounds of ground beef
  • 🐓 1 whole chicken

All of our beef is carefully sourced from Texas family farms who never use pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and who only offer 100% grass fed & finished beef. All of our chicken is never fed non-GMO corn or soy feed, spend all of their lives outdoors, and are routinely moved to fresh grass throughout the year.

~$4.80 / meal (2/3 lb / serving). The perfect amount of meat for 1-2 casual meat eaters.

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Don't take our word for it

"I wish Rooted Local existed in every community across the country. Everyone deserves easy and affordable access to the power of an animal-based diet with the absolute best local regeneratively raised meats."

Dr Paul Saladino

CEO Heart & Soil

"The easiest way to be healthy is conveniently the most delicious, most ethical, best for the planet, and keeps farmers on their land. Eating local is simple, but not everyone has time to drive to 10 different farms. We created Rooted Local to make it easy."

Dr Anthony Gustin

Entrepreneur, Writer


"Rooted Local's meat is delicious, and their mission to help push forward regenerative agriculture is easy to get behind!"

Angie Lee

Entrepreneur, Podcaster