Our Sourcing

Texas raised

All of our meat & food products have been sourced directly from Texas operators. The key to building a more resilient local food economy is to support the folks who are doing the hard work of growing food locally on their farms. That means your hard-earned dollars will stay within state lines & will help to build back a more resilient local food economy here in Texas.

Our goal is to support and amplify as many Texas farmers as possible and help them to make a respectable living doing the ever important work of farming. The wisdom passed down via generational farming is only made possible by making sure we support the folks doing the work.

No compromise farming

Rooted's suppliers adhere to farming principles that help regenerate human, animal, and soil health. That means no meat we supply has been tainted by pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides. No meat has been fed corn or soy. Beef has only ever eaten grass. And all the animals have lived their entire lives outdoors, moved to fresh pasture on a consistent basis.

Beef standard

All of our beef is 100% grass fed & finished (no corn, soy or grain, ever). Our cattle are treated humanely, never are on antibiotics, and never eat pasture tainted by pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides.

They live & thrive in Texas’s grasslands and are routinely rotated to ensure the land and grass has time to recover before being grazed again.

Pork & chicken standards

All of our chicken and pork are raised their entire lives on pasture. None of our suppliers use pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides on their fields. All supplemental feed given to the chickens & pigs is non-GMO and corn & soy free. No antibiotics are ever given and nor physical alterations (beak trimming or nose rings) ever take place.

We ensure that all of the chickens and pigs we source live their lives outdoors, in environments naturally suited to their biological dispositions. Specifically that means each animal has plenty of space to move around, root around, or peck and scratch. It means the animals are moved to fresh pasture on a consistent basis, thus given the opportunity to find food sources outside of the corn & soy free feed provided.

Our partners

Our launch partners are the following farms: Holy Cow Beef, Burgundy Pasture Poultry, Windy Meadows Pastures, Holdman Honey, Lisemby Farms, Mockingbird Farms, Joyfield Farms and Timberlake Farms.

We are purposefully starting with a smaller number of farms so that we don’t over promise and under deliver by spreading a wide net.

As we grow & have repeatable / predictable demand, we plan to aggressively expand into more Texas farms & ranches. The best way for us to onboard and support more local farms is to have more Rooted memberships, so please support us and refer any friends and family you have to join as a member today. More members equal more support for more farms

Our goal is to support over 100 farms & ranches within the next 3-5 years.

Rooted Memberships

Rooted Local is the highest quality monthly subscription meat service in Texas. Joining will get you 10 or 20 pounds of the healthiest, best tasting meat delivered directly to your doorstep. The Prime Box (~10 lbs) is the perfect amount of meat for individuals and the Big Box (~20 lbs) is the perfect size for families! Select your box to see which cuts you will receive and get started today.