Our values

Help support Texas farmers.

The goal of Rooted Local is to help build back a thriving Texas agrarian economy. We believe a local, decentralized food system is necessary to compliment the centralized one that exists today. By making it easier for customers to pay fair prices directly to farmers, we are creating a more resilient local economy that is resistant to environmental and global market shocks.

It is our belief at Rooted that high-quality, nutritious food lie downstream of of farmers who love their land, love their communities, and love their work. It is our honor to help support these folks in building back a better future for Texans.

Push forward regenerative

Regenerative agriculture is a growing movement of farmers & consumers who recognize the outdated industrial agriculture system is no longer sustainable. It’s a network of producers & consumers who reject monocrop & CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) as the only tenable solutions to feeding a growing population. To build a regenerative food economy is to support farmers who believe in the beauty & power of Nature’s cycles. Regenerative is about allowing animals to express their inner nature via proper management. It’s about routinely moving livestock to give the land time to properly recover. At its core, regenerative farming is the understanding that Nature is something to be worked with, not overcome. 

But, the on-the-boots farming isn't the only aspect of regenerative. It’s a movement rooted in land & people, one that sees the economic devastation that has befallen rural economies since WW2 and looks to the future of farming with hope for a new age. One that’s built on respect for farmers, and one that sees the value in building back and regenerating the land that has been slowly destroyed over the past hundred years.

Farming is an art to be respected. We can only regenerate our land and rural culture by giving it the attention and capital it deserves.

Help Texans reclaim health.

At Rooted we believe the healthiest food comes from folks who LOVE the work they are doing. Nutrition does not happen in a vacuum. To eat food grown with love is almost always to be eating a more nutritious food.

We are obsessed with getting our customers the highest quality, best tasting meat in Texas. What we’ve found is that this goal fortunately does not need expensive R&D and labs to be achieved.

The science of nutrition follows the art of farming. To farm without love is a one way road to pesticides, herbicides, GMO grains and disease. To farm with love is a road to nutritious & delicious meat raised within a thriving, human scaled ecosystem. Our goal is to find the farmers who farm with love, and to deliver their meat to you.