Your meat will be delivered the last weekend of every month. We will send a reminder 5 days before.

A mix of regenerative beef, chicken, and pork, all raised from top local Texas regenerative ranches and farms.

Not at this time. Subscriptions help us predict supply for the ranchers and is the closest we can get to guaranteeing purchasing for the producers so they can properly manage their herds. Every subscription means more stability and security for your local rancher.

Either 10 or 20 lbs, give or take a few pounds per box.

Not at this time, but we're working on adding this capability in the future. When everyone just wants ribeyes and no one wants roasts, the farmers are left with a huge stockpile of meat they can't move, which backs up their production and forces waste in meat. We are trying to reduce that.

Nope! We will never ship our meat in the mail. For now we are only operating in the communities surrounding Austin, Texas. Cutting out the middleman and corporate shipping companies help us pay the rancher more and guarantee you get the best quality meat for cheaper.

Just log in with your phone number via the top navigation bar, and update your subscription from your member portal.

No, not all of our suppliers pay for the USDA organic certification because it is tremendously costly for small producers. We are of the belief that organic is not the most important factor when considering the best quality meat. All of our beef never eats any grain, and spends their entire life eating only grass. All of our chicken and pork spend most of their lives grazing and supplement their diet with a corn & soy free mix of peas, grains, and winter wheat.

Yes, once you become a member you can access your subscription profile and pause, cancel, or change your subscription at any time.

Yes, you can customize the frequency of your delivery via the member portal.

Nope! Your meat is packed in a cooler bag with dry ice, which will keep your meat frozen for an extended period of time.

For Rooted, locally sourced means sourced from within the statelines of Texas.

As of today we only are delivering to folks within the greater Austin area, but have plans to move into San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas soon. If you’d like to join the waitlist for any of those cities, please follow this link. Thank you!

Yes you can! Once you become a member you will have access to your member portal. Within the member portal you can do custom add-ons for your order.